The Executive Committee (EC) has the prerogative to design and discuss the future modalities of the Society and the declarative powers to delegate corresponding roles to its members in furthering the vision of the Society.

Currently the EC has 38 members, who meet every three months to plan for the future activities, proliferate on the previous initiatives and set aside the budget for the forthcoming programmes.


The Governing Body (GB) disseminates on the more evident aspects of administrative function of the forum. It reviews on the existing activities and its execution, proposes plan and processes to execute the same with diverse viewpoints that are handy for the forums to implement.

Sandeep Shandilya

Sandeep Shandilya (IPS)
Commissioner of Police, Cyb.
Hon. Chairman, SCSC

Bharani Kumar Aroll

Secretary, SCSC


Shahnawaz Qasim (IPS)

Jt.Commissioner of Police, Cyb.
Convener SCSC

Krishna Yedula

Jt.Secretary – Projects SCSC

Srikanth Srinivasan

Jt.Secretary – Operation SCSC

Vishnupriya Saksena

Jt.Secretary – Women’s Council SCSC

Praveen Polavaram

Treasurer SCSC