We strive to make Hyderabad and Cyberabad a safe and secure city to support its endeavour to become a world class IT destination through implementing proactive and preventative initiatives, excellence in surveillance techniques adopting the latest technology and tools, partnering with and educating all stakeholders and facilitate effective participation of all concerned. The areas of focus are: Personal safety, particularly Women safety, IT infrastructure safety, Traffic safety, Cyber safety, Information security and Business continuity from a public infrastructure stand point.


A joint survey was done by Cyberabad Police, TSRTC, TSIIC, and SCSC in IT corridor to ascertain the public movement in IT corridor where it was estimated that more than 10,000
Autos/Cabs operate everyday and more than 40,000 passengers travel everyday by Auto/Cabs. Based on the study, the following actions were to taken to improve the Public Transport in IT Corridor.

  • 40 new buses with 326 trips were operational at a frequency of every 10min.
  • Most of these shuttles were introduced in new routes where passenger traffic is high.


Private transport registration process is introduced to combat threat to women safety where vehicle owner and driver are neccessarily registered with the Police by submitting the documents relate to Owner,
Vehicle and Driver. An adhesive sticker with vehicle details would be pasted on the front and back of each vehicle to have a better control on the vehicle movement.
An Owner and Driver ID cards would be issued by Police to be displayed inside the vehicle for easy access to the passengers.
A QR code is generated on every Sticker and IDs where the information in QR code can be scanned through any smart phone.


9 new Police check posts have been started at critical entry and exit locations. Each check post will be manned by 1 Head Constable and 2 Constables. 80 police personnel allotted for IT corridor Policing.
Also, an Inspector, IT corridor has been posted for better administration and control of the corridor. IT companies such as iLabs, IT Raheja, IV Tech and Vlue Labs have thankfully contributed to this initiative.


A CCTV Video surveillance system with 47 high definition megapixel camera was already initiated with an investment of approx. Rs. 4 crores from Cyberabad Security Council. The plan is to add more than 150 cameras with “Night Vision” facility.


Education and awareness program based films with duration of 1,2, and 5 minutes. This helps to educate women about their safety and security. These films will be featured in all theaters.
These programs would be featured regularly on social media/FM Radio and through posters and Pamphlets.

We have also started other initiatives to increase the visibility of Police; streamlining traffic and and they are:
  • Agressive drive to increase the Cyberabad Security Council membership drive resulted in 70 new members registered in addition to existing 80 members.
  • Getting sufficient manpower to Traffic police in Cyberabad to provide more visible and vibrant services.
  • Around 1200 drunk and drive cases were booked in Cyberabad limits as compared to 200 in Hyderabad limits.
  • Getting required funds from Department to take up many pending issues at Commissionerate including Office upgrade, Visitor Halls etc.,
  • Taking TOFFEE to the next level by making it acceptable in Hyderabad Police Department.