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Cyber Security
Conclave 3.0

Cyber Intelligence to Empower Enterprises

23rd October 2017 HICC, Novotel Hotel Hyderabad, India.
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Individuals and/or companies in:
  • Information security
  • Network and IT professionals
  • Cyber security professionals
  • Ethical hackers
  • Public & private sector implementing solutions & Cybersecurity strategies
  • Government representatives
  • Everybody wishing to protect their identity in the Cloud world

Why to attend?

Join us at the Cyber Security Conclave for the ideal opportunity to:
  • Present your work
  • Exchange knowledge
  • Network and meet potential partners and investors
  • Use our unique B2B meeting platform.


Dear Friends and Colleagues

India is witnessing a significant economic and technological transformation due to growing business opportunities in a number of industry domains such as Banking & Financial Services (BFS), Retail, Manufacturing, Pharma, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality and many others. With the increasing digital footprint in every sphere of life, either of the enterprise or the end-user, the growing threat in the cyber space is a reality that is the concern of the entire society. Today, cybercrime is a threat many organizations are beginning to recognize as one of the key concerns for uninterrupted business. Thus comes the need for an efficient cyber security system.

While the society at large including the government, industry, academia alike are contributing to the acumen in contending with this menace and arriving at practical solutions, the Telangana government has been playing a key role in the practice and adherence of Cyber Security measures in the state.

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October, 23rd 2017

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HICC, Novotel Hotel. Hyderabad, India.

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  • The Benefit

    Benefit from a panel of speakers with a wide range of expertise, including government controllers, combat managers and Heads of Information Security, at some of the world’s biggest companies, in sectors ranging from Energy to Transport to Manufacturing.

  • The Experts

    Learn about the guidelines and legislation being developed to monitor and control the quality of the cyber security solutions.

  • Current Affairs

    Further your understanding of the current solutions available in the market and how they can protect your control systems from malicious intrusions.

  • Worldwide Reach

    Hear an update on the developing cyber threats to the industry both human and technical, in the world today.

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