Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) Women’s Forum is committed to empower women in Cyberabad to managing and responding effectively to issues of safety and

Volunteers of Women’s Forum and Cyberabad police have been :

  • Creating awareness amongst IT employees on women safety
  • Leading interventions to promote the cause of women safety


Awareness is the First Line of Defense

Society for Cyberabad Security Council has actively conducted women’s safety awareness sessions thatspread the message of “Aware, Alert and Safe” women amongst all working women in Cyberabad. The interactive session includes content on Cyberabad security interventions, practical safety tips, basic introduction to important legal aspects, self defence training that help women employees :

  • Identify daily habits that can compromise their own personal safety
  • Take appropriate measures for personal security
  • Further champion the cause of women’s vigilance and security
  • Build awareness of technology and legal aspects

Sessions were held in many IT/ITES companies covering @ 20000 employees. Some of the companies, hotels and IT parks covered include:

3i Infotec ADP Avasa Berkadia Cognizant
DLF Franklin Templeton Google iConvergence iGate
iLabs Infosys Innominds Invesco Locuz
Phoenix IT park Polaris TCS Tech Mahindra Trident

Research shows that many women in India do not stand up to violence or abuse as they are not sure of the help they have in the societal and legal framework. Many tragic consequences could have been prevented if only the women had a confidante to reach out to for help.

Margadarshak program provides confidential help in such cases of violence or abuse. The volunteers facilitate consultations with the police and provide an avenue for navigating the system and use available resources. Margadarshak program provides the infrastructure support for every working woman in Cyberabad to seek police support in a confident manner. The program creates a nurturing space where women can share and seek social and police support when required.

Margadarshaks are:

  • Resources within every IT/ITES company @ Cyberabad who would guide employees on the process of seeking basic police support when required.
  • Provided training by SCSC on providing guidance to women employees on seeking police help
  • Expected to be emotionally resilient and provide emotional support to employees in distress
  • Not necessary to be fluent in law themselves but will have basic knowledge of related law and regular interaction with law-enforcing authorities to help the distressed person to resolve the issue

The Margadarshak program was initiated on October 16, 2015 with participants from the IT industry. Phase 2 of the Margadarshak program was conducted on Feb 26, 2016. Subsequently, the
Margadarshaks has been actively connected with each other and are working with Cyberabad police on women’s safety matters that have come to their attention. Some of the issues that have come to the attention of Margadarshaks pertain to:

  •  Domestic harassment
  •  Harassment at the workplace
  •  Financial deceit
  •  Cyber harassment

Names of Margadarshaks

Archana Manne (Locuz) Aruna Joshi (Hysea) Gloria Shingnapure (ISB) Jyoti Das (Lawyer) Karunamoy K (Infosys)
Madhusmita (Clinasia) Malathi M (QCity) Mamata V (Invesco) Manisha S (Phoenix) Neena Reddy (Clinasia; Seneca Global: Presently)
Padma Lalitha Patruni (Infosys) Priya Ithadi (Berkadia) Pushpa Akut (Berkadia) Rajini Jaiswal (Progress) Rakhi Banerjee (Progress)
Ranjani V (Infosys) Sadia Anees(Infosys) Shalini S (TCS) Simone Lobo (Hyatt) Surya Kumari Y (Polaris)
VishnuPriya Saksena (Wellsfargo) Swapna Saripalli (NGAHR) Naveena Priya Patta (CAPGEMINI) Saranya Somisetty (BIRLA SOFT) Padmapriya Chilakamarthi (NASSCOM)
 Shwetha Jaiswal (ARICENT)  Pallavi Garimella  (INNOMINDS)  Viraji Kondapally (INNOMINDS)  Neha Srivastava (CYTEL )  Meghana Bhagwat (CYTEL)
 Prathyusha Sayam (CYTEL)  Rashmita Pradhan (TEKLINK)  Sravanti Chekragari (CIGNITI TECHNOLOGIES)  Urmili Markili (CIGNITI TECHNOLOGIES)  Sowjanya Boda (SENECA GLOBAL)
 Sarada Nath (SENECA GLOBAL)  Jyotsna Dantuluru (IBM)  Sunanda Yalamanchili (IBM)  Pramida Tumma (POLYCOM)  Pavani Movva (IBM)
 Madhurima Diwakarla (POLYCOM)  Gayatri Athreyan (WIPRO)  Ranjana (WIPRO)  Sunitha Mullamangalath (WIPRO )  Shruti Pandey (WIPRO)
 Soumya M (TCS)  Bhavana Yanamala (TCS)  Suvarna Avvari (KOFAX )  Padma Dighe (KOFAX )  Nagarani Boggarapu (KOFAX)
 Ekta (SAHE India)  Pratibha Atchutanna (THOMSON REUTERS )  Jwalitha M (THOMSON REUTERS)  Lalita Tims (SCSC)  Narmada Chilkuri (SENECA GLOBAL)