Secretary's Desk

Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to share that the last two year period was most satisfying; encouraging and motivating moments that consolidated the Council and reinforced its position in passing the "Best Value" to the members of the SCSC and others in Cyberabad IT corridor.

I am proudly to say that one of our major initiatives about installation of CCTV system in IT corridor has progressed with significant returns in the last 1.5 years of its operation. The Police department is continuously utilizing the CCTV system to crime deterrence or resolution with the help of video footages on various instances and instant tracking & monitoring the suspects.

These encouraging results have influenced the Council to expand the CCTV system coverage to other areas as part of second phase. End of second phase will have substantial coverage with 47 high definition cameras in IT corridor. 

The Council reiterates the need to continuously assist & support member companies that helps towards Business Continuity. We humbly request member companies to increase their participation in various Council initiatives. 

We also request each member to help in expanding the membership subscription base by inviting non-members from IT corridor. This facilitates for more funds to swell and helps to increase footprints of various initiatives as part of the Council charter. 

Thank you for your contributions to make it a success. We wish to take this journey forward with your continued support. 

However, please feel free to contact us in case of urgency or any clarifications. 


Society For Cyberabad Security Council