Women's Forum

Women's Forum

Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but more so for women. The Women's Forum of SCSC has been launched to increase awareness on women's safety in Cyberabad. With approximately 75,000 women working in the IT/ITES organizations of Cyberabad area, it is imperative that a concerted effort be made to address the issue of women and safety.


Measures taken for women's safety in Cyberabad

An integrated IT corridor safety and security plan was launched by the Cyberabad police in association with SCSC, TSIIC, and RTC to step up security and safety of women employees. The measures include:

• Increase in public transport on new routes

• Controls for private transport such as registration with police and vehicle IDs

• Enhanced Policing through patrolling vehicles and security check posts

• CCTV surveillance with high definition cameras

• Awareness Campaigns through short films

Additionally, various IT/ITES organizations have launched self defense sessions for women employees and put stricter controls on company provided transport for women employees.

The First Line of Defence is Awareness

Interactions by the SCSC with women employees have shown that the awareness on vigilance and safety is very low among women employees in Cyberabad. The daily habits of many women may compromise their own safety and not many women are even aware of the helpline to call should the need arise.

There is a need to mainstream and elevate the conversation on women's safety in Cyberabad. This can only be possible through the participation of women employees in IT/ITES companies.

To meet this objective, the women's forum is launching an awareness campaign and education to women on their safety & security through frequent interactions with employees in all IT/ITES companies of Cyberabad.

Eventually, there is also a plan to use social media channels such as Facebook and FM Radio to reach a larger population.

The goal is to spread the message of "Aware, Alert and Safe" women amongst all working women in Cyberabad.

Objectives of Women's Forum

• Engage with the Industry and Government bodies on issues related to women safety and security in Cyberabad Development Area

• Empower women in Cyberabad, specifically employees in IT/ITES organizations, to:

• Manage and respond effectively to issues of safety and security

• Be self-reliant in issues of safety and security

You are a Partner in our Mission. This is how we need your help:


• Champion the cause of "Alert, Aware, and Safe"

• Support SCSC Women's Forum on your Organization's calendar

Heads of HR

• Include awareness programs in Induction programs

• Identify other appropriate communication channels for awareness building

Heads of Facilities

• Identify appropriate spaces and avenues for awareness building

• Be a trainer in the Awareness sessions

Women's Networks inside Organizations

• Further the cause of safety and security amongst colleagues

• Be a trainer in the Awareness building team

CSR Forums inside Organizations

• Be a trainer in the Awareness building team

Industry Forums

• Include safety and security of women in your Diversity agenda


• Further the cause of safety and security amongst colleagues, family and friends