Secretary’s Address

Many non-profit societies take up a lot of initiatives and very few sustain or take it to a matured level. We, at SCSC were able to take it to sustainable levels and created impact. To name a few, the Margadarshak program, Traffic Volunteer program, SHE Shuttle, Project Safe Stay, Safety Awareness Program, Self Defence Programs, Tactical Trainings, Cyber Security Conclave and workshops etc. Our accomplishments stand at a place where SCSC is recognized as an ambassador of safety and security, creating awareness through continual sessions, seminars, training programs and events. We were able to create a difference in contributing to surveillance infrastructure in the IT Corridor though CCTV installations at vital points, regulating crucial traffic zones with traffic volunteers and equipment, last mile connectivity transportation etc. Our current projects which are set for inauguration are the ERP and the model pedestrian crossing.

The highlights for the year had been SCSC receiving the 80 G status, introducing the Cyber Shuttles in association with TSIIC, extending awareness sessions to educational institutions and residential complexes for the benefit of all residents of Cyberabad.

As a growing entity, SCSC has been a role model for many other cities and states who chose to replicate the model in their own places in ensuring a harmonious Government and industry association working towards the improvement of society as a larger goal.

I would like to thank our EC members, the member organizations, our volunteers, TSIIC, GHMC and allied agencies and to everyone supporting SCSC from the front in ensuring *we work together* as a Society.

Come and join us to work together for the growth of our own eco system.

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