The forum which is the spearhead for traffic safety has evolved over the last two years, with a current volunteer group of more than 400 from the IT corridor and has successfully nailed the flow of traffic in favour of the community at large.


  • Shri.S M Vijay Kumar, IPS

    DCP Traffic, Cyberabad
    Convener, Traffic Safety Forum
  • Shri.Krishna Yedula

    Jt.Secretary – Projects SCSC
    Vice President, Virtusa
    Leader, Traffic Safety Forum

Our Volunteers

Name Organisation
Rajasekhar Reddy TechMahindra
Sukanya Royal INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Durga Manjari Gandam Capgemini
Ramki Kodipadi X-Infosys
Bhaskar Infosys
Nageshwar Rao INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Kalyan P Saneca Global
YesuBabu Lahari Rentals
Sreekanth N TCS
Sreemanth C TCS
Anil Pachipulusu CapGemini
Vaishali U Virtusa
Lirisha Sammeta Virtusa
Raju U Virtusa
Abdul Razak Virtusa
Parmeshwara R Virtusa
Pavan Kumar Koduru KONY LABS
Anumod Alex Thomas Microsoft
Purna Sandela TCS
Puja Tirmanwar Capgemini
Vinutha Virtusa
Avinash Naine Accenture
Anil Kumar Microsoft
Siva Chama DELL
Christina Castellino DELL
Manikanta TechMahindra
Kapil Mavani INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Raviteja M INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Suman P INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Vamshi Gangakhedkar INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Sadique Shaik INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Ramesh Addhala INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Mounica Uddagiri INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Sainadh Tirumalasetty INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Sivanaga Menda INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Chaithanya Pulluri INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Mythili Nishtala INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Venkat Ramana INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Gowthami Balla INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Kusuma Ammineni INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Anusha Kurapati INFOR India Pvt Ltd
Aravind M Infosys
Harish D CapGemini
Visesha Pilli TCS
Siva Gopichand Maruri TCS
Jyotsna PVS TCS
Sudhakar R TCS
Karthik Deloitte
Mohan Deloitte
Himanshu Deloitte
Sudarshan Deloitte
Navdeep HSBC
Deepa Soni HSBC
Purna HSBC
Anisha HSBC
Amrun HSBC
Anjali HSBC
Janya K P Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Narendra Peddinti Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Jampala Vinod Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Madhu Kiran Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Jammanna Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Sudeer Kumar Intellect Design Arena Pvt Ltd
Sandeep Manda WellsFargo
TataRao Vanna WellsFargo
Nisha V Space Interiors India
Syed Amjad Kofax india Pvt Ltd



This forum which is  spearheading road safety and security has evolved over the last two years, with a current volunteer group of more than 1000 from the IT corridor with active volunteers of more than 500. So far, around 60000 cabs have been registered and stickers issued to bring in control over private cabs. Forum has conducted more than 60 road safety sessions in IT companies in the last one year covering more than 30,000 employees & cab drivers. Traffic Forum team comprises of Mr. S M Vijay Kumar, IPS., DCP Traffic, Cyberabad Police as convenor & Krishna Yedula, Jt. Secretary as Leader & other members.

Some of the key initiatives of Traffic Forum are:

  • Traffic Volunteers
  • Cab Registrations for control on private vehicles
  • Awareness session for IT/ITES employees on road safety
  • Cab & Auto driver sensitisation programs
  • Operation of She shuttles
  • Improve public transport to IT corridor

Traffic Buddy


In order to meet the challenges posed by the ever growing traffic in Cyberabad IT Corridor, Traffic forum has adopted 4 pronged approach, through the following programs.

Traffic Volunteers

This is a program to initiate IT employees / general public to work in support with Traffic Police to ensure smooth conduct of traffic at IT Corridor. Any citizen / employee, wants to work as a traffic volunteer can choose a Traffic junction where that person wants to work as volunteer, can register themselves and contribute the traffic control after initially inducted by the Traffic police. They can work at their convenient timings and they will be provided with necessary apparatus like a traffic jacket (with Radium stickers), a hat, nose mask and a whistle. They can click all traffic violations through their mobile or a camera and share to Cyberabad Traffic Police through Whatsapp. All appropriate ones will be sent Traffic Challans by the traffic police. All Traffic volunteers who have given consistent efforts to control traffic will be regularly rewarded with a appreciation certificate and a badge recognizing their efforts by the Cyberabad Traffic Police.

Private Transport controls

As the IT industry caters to the demands of the global organizations, this industry works like a 24X7 organization. To ensure cabs and other vehicles plying in this area are safe vehicles, SCSC with the support of traffic police initiated the registration of all cabs plying in the IT Corridor along with the cab owner and drivers details. Any cab driver misbehaving or creating nuisance, can be brought to the task immediately by the traffic police, as they have the entire data captured and it has a validity. The passengers can capture the cab details by scanning the QR code

In order to educate the importance of following traffic rules and regulations, SCSC regularly visits various organizations along with Traffic police and conducts the Road safety awareness sessions, addressing the staff of various organizations, about the basic safety guidelines to be followed while driving on roads. It also takes employees pledge that they will follow traffic rules.

Cab Drivers sensitization program

SCSC visits various organizations and conducts cab drivers sensitization programs to the cab drivers deployed by the respective companies. During these sessions, cab drivers are explained about the important role they play for the growth of IT industry, how they are brand ambassadors of Hyderabad city and how they should treat themselves and stick to the safety protocols of safe driving and good behavior towards passengers, more so women passengers. As decided on various parameters like zero complaints from employees, on time adherence etc parameters, zero accidents etc cab drivers are also rewarded.

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