Citizens, community and industry have benefited from the many initiatives of SCSC. Each initiative is designed for sustainability and outcomes. Read here about our flagship initiatives and how they make a continuing impact on safety and security outcomes:

Traffic Volunteer

To foster safe and smooth experience for road users, traffic volunteers provide support to Cyberabad Traffic Police in regulating traffic during peak hours and contribute to road safety initiatives. SCSC has trained 2600 traffic volunteers over many years, and they have contributed 18,500 hours of traffic volunteering. While forty thousand plus traffic violations have been captured, the primary objective is to drive sustainable change in behaviour amongst road users. Click on Sign up here for the training program and to volunteer.


Margadarshaks are an army of men and women volunteers who guide the survivors of domestic violence, harassment, and online abuse. These volunteers offer emotional support, information on the process of working with the system, availability of legal and counselling services, public and private schemes such as shelter homes, medical, legal aid, etc. The volunteers undergo a 20-hour training imparted by the police, legal experts and psychologists, following which they are certified as Margadarshaks. SCSC has trained 700+ volunteers through 11 batches across various organisations in Cyberabad and Rachakonda Commissionerate.Click on Sign up here for the training program and to volunteer.


Sanghamitra as the name suggests, is a ‘friend of the community’. This initiative complements the Margdarshak programme quite well. While a Margdarshak assists and empowers women working in the industry, a Sanghamitra is a trusted friend and guide to the women living in large numbers in the residential clusters of Cyberabad. This structured outreach program connects with residential communities in the Cyberabad area and comprises of safety awareness sessions in the communities and the Sanghamitra training program for the volunteers. Volunteers act as the bridge between the community members and the Police as well as the various resources such as helplines, shelter homes, counselors and others.


DilSeY is aimed at mentoring students from Schools & Colleges in & around Cyberabad in order to safe guard students from evils of social media, cyber threats, internet and smart phone addiction. The Vision is that every high school & college student in & around Cyberabad should have a mentor, as he/she traverses the most vulnerable elements of cyber threats & social media evils while embracing technology. DilSeY Volunteers (DVs), will act as mentors for students to understand nuances of cyber world covering good and evil effects of social media, internet, cyber threats etc.

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